Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Gaming and Jungling

Late last week an essay I wrote about gaming and writing game novels went live over at the Paizo blog. I talk a little about my gaming philosophy and how it impacted my writing.

And Charles Rutledge of Singular Points sent me a link to a British site. In the past I’ve described the purple pulp glories of Tarzan clone Ki-Gor both at Black Gate and here on the site. Well, feast your eyes upon this. The aforementioned British site has scans of several Ki-Gor novellas, including two of the very best (also including a few dogs, for Ki-Gor quality varies wildly).

Here, then, if you dare, is a link to “The Beast Gods of Atlantis.” If you’ve never read pulp or don’t know about Ki-Gor, you might want to visit the essays that Charles and I wrote on the subject so that you have a better idea of just what you’re in for.

In other news, I spent yesterday afternoon and evening digging yet ANOTHER hole, for more waterpipe burst. Yay. I hope to actually do some more writing today after I spend a little more time on the hole.