Robert E. Howard Article-a-Thon

Conan_and_the_Emerald_LotusWith me in the midst of about four different projects in four different stages, I’m keeping things short today and pointing visitors to some previous REH essays they might not have seen.

First, why Conan and the Emerald Lotus is my favorite Conan pastiche, with the possible exception of Conan and the Living Plague.

Second, an overview of the better Conan pastiches, filtered through my own sensibilities.

Third, comparing the sexism in Vance to that in Robert E. Howard’s work.

Fourth, an article I didn’t realize was so old! (Maybe I am.) It celebrates Robert E. Howard’s birthday.

Fifth, Under the Hood with Robert E. Howard.

Sixth, some thoughts on Robert E. Howard’s action writing chops.

Lastly, I tracked down that great Leo Grin essay on the perfect Conan collection. Up at the top it makes reference to some controversies and debates some readers might not be familiar with, but I think the general REH fan should keep reading to the bottom to get to the sections on how an ideal collection could be organized.