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Here at Jones central I spent a long weekend putting my study into complete order. It had been converted into my mother’s convalescent room while she was staying with us for about five months, and between that and all the paperwork from her hospital stay AND the usual clutter, it took a couple of days for me to get it working again.

Now, though, I have everything filed, and I’ve culled my bookshelves. The desk itself is clean of all clutter that doesn’t need something done with it, pronto. Chief among that pile of “stuff to be done with” are the reviews for some excellent products I received for review at GenCon. I sent a number of nifty looking books on to John O’Neill, but beside me are four books that I’m particularly fond of and which I’ll be mentioning both here and at Black Gate in more detail in the coming weeks.

1. Dungeonslayers, a neat little fantasy role-playing system that’s extremely compact but full-featured.

2. The Demolished Ones an awesome sort of Victorian FATE scenario with elements like The Prisoner (but this one defies easy explanation).

3. Monster Island, a fabulous sandbox setting for RuneQuest.

4. My friend Sarah Newton’s Monsters & Magic, which is a system for re-envisioning older role-playing systems as new FATE style games.

Now I must get back to writing. I’ve got some short stories due very quickly, and some novels to finish drafting, an outline to finish, and some promo work to get done! Oh, and I need to feed the horses…

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  1. That’s the UK edition. I hope one day soon to have the UK edition of Bones of the Old Ones on the shelf beside it.

    Alas, i just don’t have the Jughead comic digests. I lost them in a tragic blimp accident.

    My dad had once owned all of the original Pogo books and until the day of his death was still irritated that his brother had borrowed them all and gotten them destroyed in a house fire (that and all of Dad’s yearbooks). No one was hurt in the fire. My father loved his brother and missed him, very much, but, like all siblings, there were some lingering issues, and thirty years after Gary died of a heart attack, Dad was still ticked that Gary had borrowed that stuff without asking and then gotten it destroyed…

  2. I wish my desk was this organized. I clear it once in a month or so and in two days it’s littered with all kind of notes, books and comics I procrastinate with and reference material 😀

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