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FireflyI’m still deep in draft and revision mode, but I wanted to mention that our family has been re-watching the Firefly series now that the kids are old enough to view the episodes with us.

My guess is that most of you reading this are already well aware of how excellent Firefly is, and know full well what a terrible shame it was that we got so little of it. You can probably find innumerable discussions of its many strengths all over the web, but one that I’m re-noticing is just how well defined every character is from the start.

Even if we don’t know all of their backstory in the first episodes, each time one of the characters speaks or acts we get a very strong sense of who they are and what they believe. This show should serve as a model for anyone drafting dialogue: its construction should be studied and emulated. And enjoyed.

What a great show.

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  1. We just watched “Safe” last nigh. Really enjoying the re-watch. Every moment counts, which is a little confusing for the kids. They’re used to shows where you don’t have to pay as much attention. My son’s clued in, but my daughter has only just now stopped texting or doing something else while the show’s on.

    So much important interaction is conveyed by a look or a movement — and if someone’s not paying attention and has to ask for clarification, then they miss out on the next bit of plot or character development.

    I do recall that there are one or two episodes out of the run I had some issues with, but so far it’s just as marvelous as I remembered.

  2. I just found this post. Such synchronicity. I actually just introduced my oldest to Firefly at about the same time your post is dated. We are new down to the last episode. Both of us are rather bummed about it. On the bright side, I’ll have him read the comics and then we’ll watch Serenity.

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