Opinions Wanted

I’m almost done moving into this new web theme. I’m fairly pleased with the decorating scheme of the new site, and the organization of the various pages. I’m always up for constructive feedback, though. Are there features you’d like to see on the site? Do you want better access to older articles, or the blog roll? Let me know.

Obviously this site is here in part to promote my writing, but I never want to sound like all I do is shrilly promote my work. I’d get pretty bored doing that, and I think that kind of thing is deadly dull to read. As a result,  in amongst news about what I’m working on and how it’s going, there will also be posts about ancient Arabia or other history topics, old adventure stories and writers, genre, pulp, sword-and-sorcery, the craft of writing, the publishing industry, and gaming. If my knee fully heals maybe I’ll finally get back to working toward my second degree black belt and start talking about karate.

But I’m throwing open the gates, and asking for your opinions. Are there topics you’d like me to cover that I’ve never addressed? Are there things you’d like to see more of? Questions you have about writing or publishing? Let me know!

I’m going to walk away from the computer now and get ready for Gen Con, where I’ll be all day Saturday. I hope I’ll see some of you there. While I’m away I won’t be able to read any responses, but I’ll look forward to doing so on my return.