The Skull Lives

I have the proof — observe, a copy of the issue, back from the printers. Addresses and envelopes and all that good stuff are being printed up and issues should be going out in the next few weeks.

Also, issue 2 has already headed to layout, and we’re now finalizing ads. How’s THAT for some sword-and-sorcery service?

Feast your eyes upon a random page flip, to the right. Oh, look at that. It’s a story by Bill Ward!

This is just the first step. Soon there will be multiple issues of the skull available for enjoyment.

If you missed the Kickstarter, it’s not too late to pre-order an issue.


5 Comments on “The Skull Lives

  1. Psyched to get my hands on a finished copy. The colors of the cover look rich and lovely.
    Good show, Mr. Editor.

  2. Hey Mick, I’m still waiting on my contributor’s copy of Skelos #3, how does it look? Did you read Fultz’s story?

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