Return to Normalcy

It may be beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but after a week simply doing some house cleaning/fixing, reading, and some board gaming, it’s more important to me that I’m beginning to feel a little more human. I was driving at a lot of deadlines all at approximately the same time. I knew I was stressed, but I didn’t realize HOW stressed until the last week, when I started to feel normal.

Next up, well, there will be revisions to make. I’ve been editing issue 2 of Tales From the Magician’s Skull. I need to re-plot novel 3 of this sequence, and see if I can cook up a nifty standalone short story to help promote it…

But I might step away from all that until the New Year, and finally sit down with some short stories about Dabir and Asim and Hanuvar that I’ve been meaning to write. I’ve accumulated a pile of outlines, and I’d like to take them for a spin.

I also intend to so some more board gaming, particularly with Lock ‘n Load: Tactical, and Panzer. This weekend I actually got in three scenarios of the former. You can see a screenshot of a game I lost, right there. Eager to try again.