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once and future podcastLast week I dropped by The Once and Future Podcast to talk writing, gaming, Harold Lamb and other assorted fiction and nerd stuff with the incomparable Anton Stout. We had a great chat, and it’s a shame that Patrick Rothfuss has a hit out on him, because I’d like to get to know him better.

Anyway, the podcast¬†is here. Hopefully I didn’t ramble too much. I talked a little about Dabir and Asim and my new Pathfinder novel, and a little about my writing process, and a little about my upcoming new series, and other things about gaming. And maybe I talked too much. Sometimes you give me a mic and I just won’t shut up…

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  1. You mentioned you’ve been reading some good westerns. What are some that you’d recommend?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    First and foremost, anything by Ben Haas. It was the strength of his writing that got me on this whole western kick. You can see what I like about him at this previous post here: (http://www.howardandrewjones.com/uncategorized/celebrating-the-work-of-ben-haas) and here: (http://www.howardandrewjones.com/uncategorized/fargo-returns) and since I wrote those articles the fates have smiled because you can get them all here, so long as you can handle e-books: http://www.piccadillypublishing.org/benteen.html

    More recently I’ve read some Merle Constiner that really impressed me, The Fourth Gunman. It really moved fast with lots of great twists and character moments. I’m exploring his work further. And I’ve read two cracking good Donald Hamilton westerns. He’s most famous for the Matt Helm series (VERY different from the silly movies). The two I can recommend are Mad River and Smoky Valley.

    Harry Whittington gets an honorable mention. He’s dependably good. I’m not sure I’ve read any western by him yet that blows me out of the water, but I’ve got a list that’s supposed to be his best and I’m working my way through it.

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