For the Killing of Kings

Look what turned up on my porch the other day!

I now have 20, count them, 20, Advanced Reader Copies of my new book, coming to stores near you in February of 2019!

Advanced Reader Copies are a finite resource I use to seek out blurbs and reviews. If you are a reviewer, or know anyone with powerful review mojo, please drop me a line, because I need to start spreading word about the new book!

3 Comments on “For the Killing of Kings

  1. if you have trouble giving them all away (I’m sure you won’t), I’d be more than glad to write a review and then shop it around.
    I can’t wait to get this in my grubby lil hands…

  2. I’ve got a extra heavy course load this semester, or I would raise my hand and meekly ask for one. I’m afraid my turn around time on the review would probably be longer than would be helpful.

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