corwinThe Kickstarter is just booming along. I’m not sure where the influx of new pledgers came from, but their numbers really leapt forward yesterday. I’m thrilled. That’s not to say I haven’t stopped hoping we will have more readers. I KNOW that there are more fans of sword-and-sorcery out there, so I hope you’re spreading the word about Tales From the Magician’s Skull.

As I’m still out slaying monsters and spinning plates, I thought I’d follow up on a suggestion from Mick and post some pics of the new family member.

Meet Corwin, the newest dog in the household. He’s pictured here gnawing on the trimming from a horse hoof that he liberated from the barn floor. For some reason, a lot of dogs love them.

IMG_4423In the following pictures you can see another shot of him with the horse hoof while our older dog looks on, a shot of him swimming in the Sea of Monsters, and a snapshot of the two of us exploring some nearby Atlantean ruins.

We adopted our older dog, Keena, from a shelter eight years ago and the husky/shepherd mix has been one of our favorite animals ever, so much so that we went looking for another mix of the same breeds. Well, in between when we picked up a mutt from the shelter and now, husky/shepherd has become a designer dog! We had no idea until we tried to find one for a reasonable price. It took some doing, and we had to have the help of a relative from Pennsylvania, but he joined our household about a month ago.

IMG_4425Why do we like the breeds? Loyal, intelligent, calm, gentle, attentive, affectionate. And let’s not leave off attractive as well. Plus, we love medium to large sized dogs around here. Helps keep the swamp creatures off the property.IMG_4424