Back Soon

Kirk_KelindaBill and I will return next week to start on the final leg of Lord Dunsany’s Time and The Gods anthology. There are only six left, and then we’ll be turning to the first fantasy book I ever read, Swords Against Death.

This weekend my lady and I (pictured on the left) will be spending some quality time together. May you all be so fortunate.

In other news, I just learned I got the most votes in Black Gate‘s “who should write in the Cthulhu mythos today” contest. That was pretty cool, and totally unexpected. I suppose that Dabir and Asim DO face off against lots of weird menaces. I approach horror more like REH did most of the time, though, like an ingredient to season a story rather than the entire focus of one.

This surprising win does have me thinking about whether I should try to tackle writing some horror straight on, although it will have to take a back seat to the various projects I’ve already got cooking.

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