Link Man Returns

Why it's Link Man, defender of safe, interesting, and quick loading internet content! And he's here to stop the menace of The Spinner!

Why it’s Link Man, defender of safe, interesting, and quick loading internet content! And he’s here to stop the menace of The Spinner!

Regular visitors to the site know by now that long periods of quiet indicate lots of activity behind the scenes. I wish YOU could see what I’ve been writing, but it’s still going to be quite a while before any of the books I’ve worked on will appear in print. Still, they’re coming. I’m deep in editing/revision mode on the cleanup pass of For the Killing of Kings, giving more time to the character my handful of readers┬áhave named their favorite.

Today I’ll just ask Linkman to provide us with interesting and safe places to visit..

Mignogna as KirkFirst, Star Trek Continues is only five days out from the conclusion of their Kickstarter, or Kirkstarter 2.0. I’ve raved about this show before, and if you’ve followed my previous posts and checked out their episodes, perhaps you’ll understand why. They’re only a few thousand dollars out from getting enough money to build their engine room set, so I’m hoping a few more people will chip in. What I REALLY hope is that SciFi or someone will give them the wherewithal to do this full time, but I guess that’s a pipe dream. So I suppose I will settle for them continuing to donate their spare time and energy and talent to make these amazingly faithful episodes, which means they need OUR help. (After the engine room gets funding, their next goal is a planet set, which I would likewise love to see!)

Second, it looks like some scientists are questioning the Big Bang Theory with some new mathematics that suggest that the Universe has no beginning. It’s an interesting article, although it doesn’t explain away a lot of the observable phenomena that seems to indicate that the Big Bang really happened. Until I read an article that accounts for that, I will remain skeptical.

Third, if you’re a musician and like the Beatles, you should look at this pretty interesting musical theory analysis and discussion of their works. If you’re not steeped in music theory, don’t worry, because┬áhost Howard Goodall does a fair job of explaining what he’s talking about. But if you ARE familiar with music theory I think you’ll be even more impressed by his observations and conclusions.

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