Paul Pine

Word has arrived via camel caravan that the complete collection of Howard Browne’s stories featuring hardboiled detective Paul Pine are going to be in print, soonish, from Haffner Press.

I actually pre-ordered this collection several years back, because Browne’s writing is sublime. He sounds a heckuva lot like Chandler, and as a bonus his novel plots don’t wander as much as Chandler’s do. The fourth and final Paul Pine novel, ┬áThe Taste of Ashes, is a masterpiece that stacks up well against Chandler’s finest.

In other words, I’m really looking forward to the volume, especially because it contains one of the novels I’ve never been able to find, as well as some fragments.

The art chosen for the cover is certainly evocative and professional, but it looks a little more like it’s from a lighthearted ’80s TV series than the rather somber adventures Paul Pine experiences. Perhaps that cover will help attract new readers, though, and they’ll stay for the prose.


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  1. “soonish” – The error bars on this measurement can be pretty large where Haffner is concerned. OTOH, the production quality is high enough that the wait is usually worth it. I intend to keep buying Haffner Press books.

    I preordered this book as well. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Me too, Keith. I’ll probably re-read all of them slowly, savoring the unfamiliar parts when I finally get to them. I haven’t been this excited to read a collection since, well, Haffner reprinted all of Brackett’s work and they contained stories I’d never seen from her.

    • Nice book!

      I think that this IS likely the final color palette. It must be said that the art is much, much better than the cover that graced the most recent reprint of The Taste of Ashes.

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