Winter Gaming PLUS Brackett

hornet-leaderWith the cold snap in full swing I’ve been looking into my game closet at the increasingly large stack of games-to-be-played. It’s not nearly as high as my books-to-be-read pile, but it’s starting to get embarrassing. Some of these games are pricey and took a lot of effort to track down (they were out of print) or to get trade deals for. And yet many are unplayed or even in shrink wrap, on the off chance I decide I want to trade them away for something else.

I’d been thinking that my collection was starting to get out of hand, but after I poked around a bit I realized that I’ve got nothing on the real game aficionados. I have a few dozen — some friends, acquaintances, and like-minded folks have HUNDREDS. But then maybe they collect those rather than cats or porcelain figurines, and maybe they don’t have other hobbies.

Leigh-BrackettSo, while I admit I have an addiction, I’m telling myself it’s under control. We’ll go with that.

Much as I’m wanting to try some of the new games, last night I pulled down Hornet Leader. It comes with so many different scenarios that I decided I’d play it some more before attempting any of the other Leader games from DVG, many of which I own, unplayed. While writing an article about B-17 Leader I provided info on how Hornet Leader plays and a little about why I like it. The curious can refer there.

Speaking of Leader games, a Kickstarter has just launched for Sherman Leader, and it looks like it might be pretty swell, if you feel like getting yourself a special gift.

On an unrelated note, Bill Ward, Fletcher Vredenburgh and I will be reading a Leigh Brackett adventure over the holiday break. I think we’re settling on “Last Days of Shandakor.” It’s a good one that we all have a copy of.