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fc napoleonI dabble with solitaire board games from time to time, as I’ve mentioned occasionally here on my own site and at Black Gate. As I’ve said before, I blame the whole thing on John O’Neill, although Eric Knight deserves some blame as well because the two-player The French Foreign Legion was so much fun it converted me into a board game player.

Unfortunately, there’s not much interest in these parts for board games, unless it’s Iron Dragon. I happen to think Iron Dragon is a lot of fun, but I also like tactical and strategic games, which hold no interest for my¬†wife, which is why solitaire games like Empires of America from Victory Point Games or Field Commander: Napoleon from DVG find a way to my table, especially in the winter.

The other day I happened to mention the new Nemo’s War kickstarter to writer friend Ian Tregillis and it launched me on a search for others that I probably shouldn’t buy but want.

Here’s the list. Investigate at your own peril…

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  1. I’ve been doing solo since back in the 80s with Up Front and it’s many iterations. There was also Patton’s Best, Mosby’s Raiders, Peloponesian War, and my favorite, Repbulic of Rome. Also Consulting Detective which is in publication again. Now-a-days, there are just too many to count, and my wife is always up for a game of something, so I don’t do too much solo anymore.

    • I always wanted to try Peloponesian War, but I’ve never found an affordable copy! What was it like?

      And why was Republic of Rome your favorite? That’s another I’ve never gotten to try.

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