Daily Archives: June 26, 2014

Catching Up


Howard celebrates the completion of another book by kissing his wife.

It felt very, very nice to turn over the draft of my new Paizo novel Sunday afternoon. I’ve titled it Beyond the Pool of Stars, but I don’t know if that title will survive or not. For all I know, there’s another book in the Pathfinder pipeline with Stars or Pool in it already, which will mean I’ll have to go searching for another.

I CAN tell you that the entire novel’s set in and around the tropical nation of Sargava. It has a completely different feel and completely different characters… and I’m quite pleased with it. I think it far and away my best Pathfinder novel yet.

This week I’ve been catching up on some house husbandly duties. Namely clearing out the basement. After my father’s death and my mom’s move into a retirement home I ended up with stacks of stuff. When that was added to stacks of other stuff I already had down there, it became quite a mess. So, I’m getting rid of most of it.