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insomniaI know I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes suffer from sleep issues, but boy, have they been kicking my butt for almost half the year. Currently it’s easy for me to GET to sleep at least, so I’ve solved ONE problem, but staying that way is an entirely different issue. Right now I’m waking up three or four times every night for no discernible reason. Thankfully I don’t have much trouble getting back to sleep, but it still means I’m not exactly feeling refreshed every morning. Every time I think I’m on the mend I have another series of lousy nights.

Probably what I need to do is take some over the counter meds that will knock me out and see if that gets me back into the habit of a full night’s sleep. The newest trick, going to bed earlier, has helped, but hasn’t solved the issue.

The result of prolonged sleep deprivation means more struggle with finding the right word when writing, less inspiration, a shorter fuse, and less energy. I fade quickly come evening time, and mornings are dreadful. I’ve had to let down some friends. I’d promised to help them with projects and either delivered late or simply had to bail out because I’ve had no extra energy to give. Regular site visitors might note the lack of blog entries, which is another symptom. When I have so little energy, even a couple of quick notes can feel like a challenge.

The darnedest thing is that I’m otherwise in pretty good health for a man my age. I mean, in two weeks I’m testing for my second degree black belt

Anyway, if you happen to see Morpheus, tell him to go easier on me, will you?


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  1. I sympathize. I used to be a good sleeper too. Post cancer treatment though, forget it. I have trouble going to sleep. I wake up often. My daily energy does not last long. It affects many other areas of life, but as it’s been three years, it may be the new normal. Hope you find your solution soon.

    • Thanks, Marta. I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t know that you were suffering from sleep deprivation as well.

  2. You have my deepest sympathies. I’ve gone thru a similar pattern several times, though never as long. Each time it faded on its own, but until then it was unpleasant. I hope you shake it soon.

    • Yeah, mine usually recovers on its own and it would get a little better, but not realy improve. I was resistant to taking meds for too long, methinks.

  3. It’s amazing how vital something like sleep can be. A bit of sleep deprivation and I become a zombie. The problem is there is so much to do in a day, family, friends, writing, obligations.

    I’ve started trying something called ZMA. It’s a simple non-prescription supplement of Zinc, Magnesium, and .. something else that escapes my memory. Different people take it for different things, Bodybuilders because it helps testosterone production, other people as a sleep aid. I’ve tried it for about a month and it does seem to help me sleep a bit more soundly.

    As a strange side effect I seem to be having more vivid dreams. An experience almost like watching movies in my sleep all night.

    Perhaps it’s worth a try, maybe a small does for a couple of weeks to see if anything changes, then a bit larger one.

    Has anyone else heard of ZMA?

    • Hi Kamal,

      Pardon my delayed response. I haven’t heard of ZMA. I sympathize that you’re suffering from sleep deprivation. As you can tell, I certainly know what it feels like. Fortunately, mine seems to have receded for the time being. I’ll look into ZMA if it returns.

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