Letter from a Melancholy Land

Sometimes a small, everyday moment takes on special significance.

For me that usually happens after the moment has passed. For instance, a phone call with my father ended up being the last time I ever spoke with him.

Not all of those everyday moments have to be sad; sometimes they’re happy ones, like when something wonderful or funny happens when you’re engaged in day-to-day tasks.

melancholyToday when I went in to wake up my oldest for school it was both sad and wonderful because it was the last time I’d ever be telling him to get up for high school. From this point on, high school’s in his rear view mirror.

What an odd sensation. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. A phase of his life, and mine, is over. I’d never realized that I enjoyed walking inĀ  to wake him up and now I think I’m going to miss it. I hadn’t thought about it until the moment I told him good morning, and I’m melancholy — yet I’m also pleased, and proud of him. He’s nearly ready to spread wings and leave the nest.

The older I get, the faster it all seems to happen…

2 Comments on “Letter from a Melancholy Land

  1. I’m not that far behind you. My son just turned 13 a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much he has changed over the last year and how he’s outgrown so many of the things we used to do together. I’ve been trying to focus on the new things we can share as he gets older rather than what we no longer have.

    • I think that’s the only way to keep sane. Sometimes I think if it wasn’t for the kids I’d be unaware of the passage of years, because so much of it seems the same (well, apart from starting to feel some age stuff).

      Focusing on the new things to share is so much better than growing maudlin and obsessing about things that are over and done with that might have been done differently. I’m trying to get past that — something I used to do with far too much frequency. Maybe I’m so busy there’s no time for it, but I’d like to think that I’ve matured and realized it’s counter productive.

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