I’m coming off of two bad nights of sleep in a row, and for no particular reason. Every once in a while insomnia sneaks up from behind and clobbers me for a night or two. Bam!

Apart from the lack of sleep it was a wonderful weekend. We had a great time at the family reunion and ate all sorts of delicious food in between various games. Sunday I got to take a long bike ride with my sweetie, and our garden is producing all sorts of great veggies (although we over planted zucchini).

I’ve been flipping through various role-playing-game manuals because I’ve been feeling the itch to start running something again, so long as it’s streamlined. I’m tried of having to feel like I’m studying for a test to run a game. I’m really, really tempted by Barbarians of Lemuria, but I have so much great support material already on hand for various flavors of D&D that I’ll probably go that route. At this point I’m contemplating a mash-up of Crypts & Things, Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, and Castles & Crusades. There are things I love about each of them, and they’re closely enough related I think I can make it all work together.

With summer winding down my kids have only about a week of freedom left, and today I must drive into town with my son to pick up his books for the semester. I’m also revisiting one of the Paizo Pathfinder short stories I’ve written as a kind of “sneak peek” of the second novel, because I’ve decided the third act is too slow.

If I get some good sleep tonight I’ll try to put my thoughts about outlining into some kind of coherent order…