I’m coming off of two bad nights of sleep in a row, and for no particular reason. Every once in a while insomnia sneaks up from behind and clobbers me for a night or two. Bam!

Apart from the lack of sleep it was a wonderful weekend. We had a great time at the family reunion and ate all sorts of delicious food in between various games. Sunday I got to take a long bike ride with my sweetie, and our garden is producing all sorts of great veggies (although we over planted zucchini).

I’ve been flipping through various role-playing-game manuals because I’ve been feeling the itch to start running something again, so long as it’s streamlined. I’m tried of having to feel like I’m studying for a test to run a game. I’m really, really tempted by Barbarians of Lemuria, but I have so much great support material already on hand for various flavors of D&D that I’ll probably go that route. At this point I’m contemplating a mash-up of Crypts & Things, Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea, and Castles & Crusades. There are things I love about each of them, and they’re closely enough related I think I can make it all work together.

With summer winding down my kids have only about a week of freedom left, and today I must drive into town with my son to pick up his books for the semester. I’m also revisiting one of the Paizo Pathfinder short stories I’ve written as a kind of “sneak peek” of the second novel, because I’ve decided the third act is too slow.

If I get some good sleep tonight I’ll try to put my thoughts about outlining into some kind of coherent order…

3 Comments on “Insomnia!

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the insomnia. I’ve had a touch of it lately.

    It doesn’t take much to overplant zucchini. One summer my parents’ garden produced so much we had multiple zucchini dishes in one meal. For days.

    • Insomnia is no fun at all. Well, maybe a little to catch up on a show the wife doesn’t like (like Justified, say). But no fun really.

      We’ve taken to slicing the Zucchini quite thinly and then grilling it with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. It turns out quite delicious. it was a big hit at the family reunion, judging by none of it being left after the first go round. But yeah, next year I think we’ll dial it back. That and the yellow squash — really, they taste so similar that we may not need both.

      • Grilling either zucchini or yellow squash that way is one of the best ways to serve it (although zucchini bread is good, too). I served it that way tonight while visiting my parents, and my mother and wife both said they want it served that way again.

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