Mighty Warriors

I wanted to point everyone to the new sword-and-sorcery anthology, The Mighty Warriors. My old friend Paul McNamee has a story within — along with David C. Smith and the mighty Charles Saunders and other talented folks– and it is graced with a Bruce Timm cover. Visit Paul’s web site for a lowdown on the table of contents and a good look at the artwork.

It’s gotten me thinking about sword-and-sorcery anthologies and mulling which old ones are my favorites. What about you?

As I’m away from home right now I can’t step over to look at my bookshelf to search through individual volumes. I know I was always a little disappointed in the Flashing Swords anthologies, and fond of the Swords Against Darkness collections. As to single volumes, though, it gets tougher. How to judge? Some are strong collections but hold stuff I have in other collections. Doesn’t mean that they’re not a strong sample of the good stuff…

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  1. My favorite S&S anthology series has to be Offutt’s Swords Against Darkness; almost every tale a winner, and some great names gathered within. I only have the first book of Wagner’s Echoes of Valor, and it’s awesome, but I really need the rest of ‘em.

    • Yeah, there are some great ones in there, and a number I’ll probably re-read.

  2. I’ve read a couple of Sword & Sorcery anthologies from recent years and I hated them all. Mostly because the editors didn’t seem to care at all about Sword & Sorcery and simply made them generic fantasy short story collections. If it’s not about a high tension encounter with eldritch forces, why put in into such an collection?

    • I haven’t been keeping track of the modern anthologies as much as I was ten years ago, so maybe I missed some good ones. But that’s been my feeling about a number of them. Some editors seem to remain confused about the difference between fantasy and sword-and-sorcery.

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