Magician’s Skull Table of Contents

Magicians Skull ToC

So here’s a rough copy of the table of contents for issue 1. It’s going to have some additional art, and we’ll proof it a few more times, but above you’ll find a taste of the tales and who wrote them.

I don’t intend to be a regular writer for the magazine. As I mentioned in the sneak peek of the editorial, my story was submitted before this WAS a magazine.

Later this week I’ll answer some frequently asked questions.

Oh, and it looks as though the table of contents is settled for issue 2 — at least, I’ve received a reply from most of the people I’ve invited now.

In other news, Bill Ward and I have started our re-read of Michael Moorcock’s first Corum trilogy, so if you’re interested in joining in, I hope you’ve tracked down the books. We’ll begin posting in a few more weeks.