I wrote a Lankhmar book for the Savage Worlds game system, and the Kickstarter for it went live last week.. It’s probably as close as I’ll ever get to writing a story starring Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

I had a blast writing the thing, but my favorite parts were designing adventures — which I did my very best to make feel Leiberish — and designing the adventure generator, which seems to create Leiber-like stories well enough that I used it to generate two of the adventures I wrote up for the book.

Check it out — The Savage Seas of Nehwon!

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  1. Sounds awesome. I have a strange affinity for rpg adventure generators… I bought GM screen for 2d20 Conan just for Hyborian generator. As we speak I’m awaiting delivery of Thrilling Tales, which has a pulp adventure generator.
    Question: is yours all nautical themed? Or all Newhon-themed?

    • The generator… is the generator nautical themed, or generic Newhon-themed.
      Clearly the book is nautical themed…

      • Well, it is definitely nautically themed. And it is definitely Newhon themed. Although Newhon is kind of a stand-in for lots of sword-and-sorcery settings. It’s a sea based sword-and-sorcery adventure generator.

    • Oh, and I share your affinity for adventure generators myself. The one for Thrilling Tales is pretty darned good. I have a PDF and a print out of said PDF around here in a special file on my game master shelf.

      What other adventure generators do you own?

      • Backed, FYI.
        That’s really about it… the only other one is from Modiphius (who now does Conan) for their Achtung Cthulhu setting; similar to Conan in setup, but in weird WWII setting (which is to say, it’s pretty good!). I have a pdf of Talanian’s AS&SH one downloaded somewhere of course, and I found one a while ago that someone made in a forum that was pretty exhaustive, for anything set in ancient Rome. I liked it so much I went through hassle of putting it in a word doc.
        Oh, and Dungeon Alphabet just arrived with Magician’s Skull, but I’ve been reading that so haven’t really dove in yet…

        • Mick, thanks for backing!

          I’ve got a few adventure generators lying around both physically and digitally. I’ll post next week with my recs. Unless maybe I’ve posted on it already. I’ve been posting for so many years now I have a hard time keeping track sometimes.

          • I recall you writing about hex-based adventures, but would love some more recommendations.
            My favorite thing is anything S&S in real-world setting, with some magic mixed in, so always on the lookout for generators related. Part of reason I backed this kickstarter is I don’t have any good pirate-based generators… would love a real-world-ish pirate plot/macguffin/ship generator (in flavor of pirates of the Caribbean movies).
            Plus always like ones that help create low-magic items, villains, etc.

  2. I just got it in the mail from the Kickstarter this past week. I have a Lankhmar game coming up next month, and it shall come in incredibly useful. Thank you

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