How Did I Miss This?

pirates1I think I live in a fog too much, or else that there’s too much white noise out there.

For instance, why didn’t I ever hear about this WizKids pirate game, which was alive from 2004 up until about 2012? What great naval miniatures, even if you don’t even use the game mechanics! I love ’em!

In case you missed out, here’s a pic showing one to scale.

I’ve got to say, the map in that pic (which I pulled from a French site) looks pretty danged cool as well. Maybe if I had taken French instead of Latin I’d know where the map came from.


Here’s another (lifted from a convention report by Angelo Porazzi) showing some monsters:










Finally, a huge fleet, pinched from this site. And you know what, that pizza looks pretty good too… I think I’m going to hunt e-bay for a few. Not a whole fleet, but a few ships.