Manuscripts and Tales

skelos 2

Including a new Dabir and Asim story!

I’ve been going through a lot of… stuff lately, so I haven’t had time to update the site.

The good news is that I’ve turned over the final draft of the long-suffering project to my editor and agent. Here’s hoping that book 1 will be appearing next year or maybe even late this year, although we’re running short on time for that. I need to get to revising the second book, although I have to take a couple of weeks and assault the honey-do list.

The other good news is that there’s a new Dabir and Asim story available in the new issue of Skelos, available here. There’s also a whole bunch of other cool looking stuff in the issue that I look forward to reading just as soon as I finish outrunning this boulder.

10 Comments on “Manuscripts and Tales

  1. Just got mine Saturday!

    First thing I read was The Black Lion, a great story and a worthy addition to the Chronicles of Dabir and Asim! In particular, I was charmed by the idea of Asim riding in the wilds outside Mosul with his wife and daughters. My daughters are young yet, we’ll start small with camping this summer, but perhaps horseback riding is in the future…

    I’ll have to decide if Scott Oden or Adrian Cole is next… however, we’re going on a spring break cruise next week, and I have Beyond the Pool of Stars packed, which seems appropriate for tropical isles!

    • Thanks, Mick! Delighted that you liked it. And I’m almost positive your daughters would love horseback riding. In my experience, young ladies are drawn to horses to an astonishing degree.

  2. Just received mine. I always flip through the entire issue once before diving in (back to front – I’ve always done that with magazines…).
    Obviously, the two things that caught my attention right off –
    1. A new tale of Dabir and Asim!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. New art from Esteban Maroto!

    Time to dive in this weekend.

    • Hope you enjoy the new story!

      I’ve yet to have the chance to dig in myself and am really looking forward to doing so.

  3. Because I live in Canada, so very, very far away, I am forced to wait weeks longer than my southern neighbors to receive my copy. Life is tough up here in Cimmeria…

  4. Oh yeah, still waiting on news about that super secret old-school sword and sorcery project…Crom’s Hel you sure know how to torture a fan!

    • Sorry about that! Yeah, I SO want to tell you. It will be a couple of months yet, I think.

      • No problems Howard, I just like to complain! I am looking forward to this project big time. There is not enough old-school S&S out there for my appetite…;)

  5. Loved the new story. I would call it S&S&CSI…
    Nice little detective tale involving our swords and sorcery heroes…

    • Thanks, Troy! Glad you liked it. I’ve been experimenting a bit with the format so that they don’t all end up feeling the same. If I ever steal more time to write more of them I want the next short story collection to have more variety.

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