Catching Up

Whew! What a crazy few weeks it’s been. Suffice to say it’s been a little busy.

When we moved into this house more than ten years ago we had planned on a basement remodel. Up until now the walkout basement has been bare cinder blocks, but in the last little bit it’s finally getting a makeover. We’ve hired out almost all of the work, but that doesn’t leave me as free to be upstairs writing as you’d think, because I need to check in or be checked with frequently about various little decisions, and then errands have to be run into town to procure various supplies.

Then, with that just under way, we took a vacation to North Carolina, where we hiked around some lovely mountain tops and saw some waterfalls and even reached the height of the largest mountain east of the Mississippi. My daughter and my niece actually hiked all the way up that mountain (Mt. Mitchell).

Now I’m back home and the home improvement project has restarted. While I’m hard at work on various writing projects again, I’m also getting ready to head to the Windy City Pulp and Paper convention, which starts Friday in Chicago. It will be my second public appearance as the editor of Tales From the Magician’s Skull, and the first after the publication of the magazine. Goodman Games will have a booth at the convention selling the mag, and I’ll be there a good chunk of the con. The rest of the time I’ll be hanging out with friends I rarely get to see, like Chris Hocking, and John O’Neill, and Eric Knight, some of my friends I know from pulp collecting and childhood, like Kevin and Aaron, and I’ll meet other friends in I’ve never met in person, like Bob Byrne.

I hope I’ll see some of you there!

Oh, and in case you missed it, the first big review of Tales From the Magician’s Skull has appeared, and good things were said.