Book 3 — When the Goddess Wakes

I’ve been taking care of our baby ducks, which is necessity and also a pleasant distraction. Here, enjoy some duckling pictures!

While I’ll decorate this post with some ducks, you’re likely here because you’re a fan of my writing, so here’s some news on that front. Work continues on the third novel. I generally find that my drafting speed really slows down over the middle sections of a book and that I begin to pick up speed near the end of Act II and start of Act III, and that’s holding true for When the Goddess Wakes. As I close on the rough draft of the final sections of Act II, threads are tightening, a few surprises are bringing things into closer focus, and I’m getting more and more excited about the potential of what I’ve written.

At this point it is mostly potential, because vast sections are quite rough, but I’m feeling more and more certain that the main through lines work, and one spur-of-the-moment adjustment to the timeline today has provided the book with a small unanticipated turn. I’m still wondering whether or not I’ll keep it. Right now I think I like it — seems a fine time to break for the day and mull it over while I do some housework.

In other writing news, I still have a couple of new tales of Hanuvar mostly drafted and needing revision. Rather than being a good writer, in the evenings I’ve been playing a lot more of the solo board game Nemo’s War than a good writer probably should. But then I’ve been needing distractions. I should also likely be researching the next book series, but that, too, has been on hiatus

If you want to see more duck pics from the Jones family farm, you can head over to my FB feed, where I’ve been posting at least one a day for the last several weeks.

And if you haven’t seen my previous posts on Nemo’s War, check about two posts back. Here’s a pic from a recent game session. I know the rules well enough now that the play’s down to about 1.5 hours. While the price point of the game is around 70 dollars through most venues, the amount of fun I’ve had from the game has long since made that an excellent purchase versus hours spent, especially given that I can see many more sessions of the game in front of me also delivering an entertaining diversion.

Be well out there. I’m going to sign off and go do domestic things.