2015 Resolutions

Howard ZebrasI haven’t been a New Year’s Resolution kind of guy for years. I suppose I had talked myself into thinking it was cheesy or unnecessary or something of the kind.

But I’ve been fighting the blues off and on for a number of months now for reasons detailed earlier, so this year I came up with a pretty simple phrase to help me remember my resolutions, one that I can repeat to myself in the mornings as I wake. (I try to remember, when I rise, to be grateful for all I have, but sometimes that’s difficult when the alarm shrieks me into consciousness to make sure the children are up and moving.)

What I tell myself is this: “I shall be kind, I shall be calm, I shall be patient.” It works more simply, too, as “kind, calm, patient.” Or as a simple (internal) question to myself: “Are you being kind, calm, and patient?”


Happy New Year! Eat cookie!

It may only be the 5th, but that’s 5 days of it working. Even when I’m feeling tired and a little grumpy I haven’t said something I regretted. And I sincerely like to be able to look back on the day and not have said something I regret.

Those of you who know me well may wonder why I, Howard, who is typically calm and kind, need this reminder. I’m still the fellow you know, I swear. But there is always room for improvement, especially when you’re suffering from the blues or lack of sleep or both.

And for whatever reason, this simple little mantra is helping. It’s keeping me focused, aiding me to get my work done with less stress, and making me kinder, calmer, and patient with those I love. And my blues are lifting. I’m not sure that last is connected, but it sure feels like it’s involved somehow.

I hope that your own New Year Resolutions are treating you well.  Any of you have any you want to share with me?

Now on to some writing. Don’t I have multiple book series to complete or something? What is this, some kind of philosophy site? I’ll start talking about writing again soon, I promise. Go eat a cookie and get back to work.


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