Traffic to my little corner of the web is skyrocketing today, and I can only assume that’s because today’s the launch of the next Dabir and Asim novel, The Bones of the Old Ones.

If you’re new to the site, and me, welcome.

Long time site visitors, thanks for sticking with me. Things are apt to be a little wild here for a few weeks as I run around trying to work promotional miracles. I don’t know whether guest blogging or mailbox stuffing with flyers about my upcoming book signing or podcasts help, but it does keep me out of trouble and gives me some illusion of control.

I will be appearing at the Evansville Barnes & Noble at 2:00 on Saturday the 15th of December to read from The Bones of the Old Ones, and sign copies, and I’ll be heading to ConFusion in Detroit for three days starting on January 18th.

Booklife Now just published the first of three linked essays I penned about the writing process and getting the book deal, so if you’re not already sick of me you can check it out. Even if you ARE sick of me but want to find out about how book deals happen, you might find it of interest.

Finally, because newcomers don’t know about my deadly powers of poultry (but mostly because I am suffering from lack of sleep), here is a picture of me with a rooster.