BridgeAtRemagenI think my absence last week was the longest I’ve had from the blog. I mean, even when I went to Europe with the family last year I had posts programmed to go up. Admittedly they were pretty dull and dealt mostly with choosing the perfect writing notebook, but at least something was happening here.

I didn’t post because I didn’t want to discuss the terrible events in Orlando. It was enough to read about the attack and talk about it with my family. I didn’t want to do that here. Yet talking about anything else at the time just seemed frivolous. So I simply walked away from the blog for a while.

With my wife and daughter away for ten days my first born and I have been having a manly movie marathon. My wife doesn’t much care for westerns (apart from The Magnificent Seven and Silverado) or any World War II movie, so my son and I have been watching a bunch of both. With Father’s Day occurring right in the midst of the marathon, this movie watching expedition also has been partly in remembrance of my own father. We’ve watched a few more modern movies, but for the most part we’ve sat down with movies I remember seeing with him.

And for the most part, we’ve really enjoyed them. I’ll probably draft something about the movies the next time I post.

I also have some exciting publishing news in the works, but I’m going to hold off on an official announcement until the ink on the paper is dry.

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  1. The marathon sounds like a blast. I remember loving Bridge at Remagen and want to pick up a copy. My wife and I just re-watched Kelly’s Heroes (one my favorite flicks, bar none), and it got me to thinking about growing up in the early 70s watching WWII movies. All my friends, and their fathers (one or two of whom were vets), watched these films all the time, every time. I don’t know how many times I saw Anzio or Remagen alone and with my buddies. While not a perfect tool, most of us had a working knowledge of the war, the armies, and the enemies. How many of these movies are watched by anyone let alone boys these days?

  2. All of these movies were news to my son. They used to be on ALL THE TIME.

    Of the ones we watched during the marathon, Remagen was the one that most surprised me in a good way. I’d remembered enjoying it, but I found it was even better than I expected. The one that most surprised me in a bad way was WHERE EAGLES DARE. Maybe my problem was watching it after watching so many more serious efforts, but it just struck me as cartoony and absurd. If I want to see good guys eliminating Nazis in a comic book vein I’ll put in RAIDERS, which at least doesn’t try to pass itself off as a serious movie…

    Anyway, I, too, will probably pick up a copy of REMAGEN for the permanent collection, along with MORITURI, one of my favorites from the last manly movie marathon. I’d never even heard of it until E.E. Knight recommended it to me. Certainly I don’t recall it being part of the WWII movie rotation. (http://www.howardandrewjones.com/movies/manly-movie-week-part-2)

  3. Ha, we watched WED right after Kelly’s Heroes, and it was so much worse than I remembered. It is indeed awful. Great soundtrack, but awful.

    Good luck with the insomnia

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