Link Day

Two quick links for you today —

First, here’s a nice essay from the Paperback Warrior on the excellence of another Marvin Albert title. You may recall that Albert is now one of my preferred 50s-70s era writers. Heck, his ’80s work may be good as well, and I intend to find out.

Second, in case you didn’t know, the new Conan comic from Marvel is on the stands and getting good reviews. Some even mention, favorably, the start of the new Conan novella by John Chris Hocking that is printed in the back. That’s the start of the serialized novella, one of the first things I edited for Perilous Worlds. Here’s a link to one review, and there are plenty more to choose from.

I’ll have more info soon!

2 Comments on “Link Day

  1. I went out and picked up the first issue. I’ll probably grab at least the first 5 or so.

    Does perilous worlds have the rights to publish the serialized fiction at a later date?

    • Great question. Yes, we’ve been talking about collecting them, although I don’t know how far away that release date would be. With one from Hocking and one from Oden and one shorter one we might still need to fill it out with another tale or two, or it would be a small collection.

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