Link Day

trek continues crewToday I offer a bevy of interesting links.

First, you may recall when I gushed about Star Trek Continues. Now’s your chance to jump in and lend a hand because the talented cast and crew need your help making new episodes (and possibly an engine room and planetary set if stretch goals are hit!) Stop by and check out their Kirkstarter, and if you haven’t already, watch their episodes. If you’re a fan of the original series you’ll be amazed.

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John LennonSecond, the best article I’ve ever read about how exactly the Beatles came to break up. And no, it wasn’t Yoko. Visit The Rolling Stone for a thorough look at what went wrong.

Third, how about an alternate universe where the Beatles got back together? Here’s a pretty nifty speculative fiction piece that supposes that the Beatles accepted that famous SNL offer to rejoin, starting with the time that John and Paul were in New York together and almost went down to the Saturday Night Live studio as a gag.

It seems like I finally figured out why FB Likes aren’t appearing on the page anymore. Unfortunately, to fix it, I have to first back up my site and then update it, so I’ll need more free time than I’ve had lately to pull that off.

Hope to see you here Friday when Bill and I will be reading two more short Lord Dunsany stories.