Sea-Kings of Mars

One of the finest anthologies I happen to own is Sea-Kings of Mars, which collects most of Leigh Brackett’s best short work. Not ALL, but it’s a great sampling. I’d only replace one or two of the weaker ones with other favorites of my own. If you happen to see a copy, grab one, because it’s out of print and prices seem to be climbing.

If you don’t prefer to have a book, you can get an e-copy of Leigh Brackett’s stuff from BAEN’s online site for ridiculously cheap prices.They also have a collection titled Sea-Kings of Mars, but it’s not the same collection. It’s still good, though.


4 Comments on “Sea-Kings of Mars

  1. I’ve actually never seen this one. I’ve got all the stories in it, though, because I have the Haffner collections. The title story is one of her best.

  2. I own and love the Haffner volumes. But they’re so beautiful I only read them at home. This volume also has a lot of the ones I love under one cover. So I feel safe enough taking with me on a trip, say. I wouldn’t ever do that with the Haffner hardbacks, which I treat with the kid gloves I use when pulling down one of my REH hardbacks.

    • I understand. I have enough other Brackett editions, including the Baen electronic ones, that I can always take Brackett with me when traveling.

  3. I don’t have this one, but Brackett is one of my favorites.

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