Jungle Adventure

fire in the jungleContinued radio silence, as usual, means that I’m deep in draft mode. I go to bed thinking about the characters and scenes I’m wrestling with, I get up, feed children and animals, and then wrestle with the characters and scenes. I’m not really even reading anything right now apart from some research on Savannah, Georgia for an entirely different project.

From time to time I still think about running a sword-and-sorcery campaign for the kids, and I think I’ve decided I’ll do it this summer. Between great new supplements like Fire in the Jungle, Monster Island, Many Gates of the Gann, Curse of the Emerald Cobra,  the jungle hex crawls from Land of Nod (issues 16-18) and old school stuff like The Isle of Dread and Dwellers of the Forbidden City I think I can cobble something together that would be pretty cool with minimal effort.

In September I mentioned a little about what I was thinking in this post. Using those ideas in tandem with the above and supported further by truly excellent world/sandbox campaign style building to be found in Red Tide and An Echo Resounding I think could generate a truly memorable campaign. One to be enjoyed before child 1 heads off to college, and one that, given it would be just the family playing, could be run any night of the week.

I haven’t mentioned every resource I’m likely to be using (perhaps I’ll use a few more Dungeon Crawl Classics like The Slithering Overlord, Malice of the Medusa, or The Sunken Ziggurat, or Frog God Games’ Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti.)

I probably have more than I need, but if you’re a gamer and can cotton on to the vibe I’m going for here, let me know if you have any suggestions for other cool stuff to throw into the mix. For instance, this Sandbox Companion from New Big Dragon Games has rave reviews, is super cheap, and looks like it might be really useful.

Right, well, back to adventuring in the world of Golarion.

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  1. Weird, I’m doing the same thing, except I’m starting from scratch and designing my own game system, too. No idea if it’s like any others as I haven’t played in years and have no idea what’s out there anymore. My boys are 13 and 10, perfect age for indoctrination into our cult.

    • If you want a quick, easy-to-learn system for newbie gamers, I highly recommend either Barbarians of Lemuria/Legends of Steel or Castles and Crusades, which is the D&D we grew up with (archetypes, not skills and feats) with streamlined rules and a whole lot less charts. My kids really grokked onto it quickly, and I, having grown up with AD&D, already understood it and appreciated the improvements.

      BoL might be an even faster start, though.

      I have heard great things about Red Box Pathfinder as well, but haven’t tried it myself.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. The last time I played a pen and paper RPG was… Call of Cthulhu, probably, in my mid-twenties? It took up too much time, and it was too difficult to get enough people together, after a certain point.

    We had a lot of starts and stops, and one, really good summer campaign that I ran (AD&D). Looking back, it was a great summer.

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