More on Character Strengths and Weaknesses

A book by “John Benteen” a some-time pseudonym for the late, great Ben Haas.

As long as we’re on the subject of reading outside the genre, I want to point once more to an excellent, excellent essay about the structure of adventure stories. Follow this link to the site of the illustrious James Reasoner, where he posts an essay contributed by Joel Haas, the son of the talented Ben Haas.

Sure, it’s an essay about writing westerns, and you may just turn away as soon as you hear that. But if you’re interested in the technique of adventure writing, this here be gold, matey. Pure gold. Four pages of honest truth and structure advice that you’d be unlikely to get in several years worth of writing classes.

Go read it, now. I just re-read it myself. Now it’s time to feed the horses and get to writing.