New Developments

The writing life might seem more exciting from the outside. Honestly, all I’ve been doing is revising the second Dabir and Asim book (The Bones of the Old Ones) and the upcoming short story collection, and researching for and outlining book 3.

But I’ve been having a great time, even if an outside observer would usually just see me typing, or, more often, staring at a computer screen, or book page, or, frequently, empty space.

Elsewhere, a new interview has gone live, as well as a new review.

The kind folks at Flames Rising gave me space to talk about Plague of Shadows, my Pathfinder novel. The essay can be found on their site.

A great new review of The Desert of Souls went live over at The Ranting Dragon this week, and it can be found here.

I hope to have some more official updates in the next week or so.

5 Comments on “New Developments

  1. Looking forward to the next D&A. What short story collection are you referencing above?

    • Hi Jason — I’ll post an official announcement in the next couple of days, but the short version is that I just signed a contract for more Dabir and Asim, part of which is a short story collection. Thanks for your interest!

  2. I’m so glad you’re making a sequel to DOS.

    I’d hate to ask for a spoiler, but is the whole Sabirah side plot over and done with?

    • Hello Ryan,

      You definitely have not heard the last of Sabirah, though you may not “see” her on stage for a bit.

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