Link Day

My writer friend Jon Sprunk just posted something of interest for Heroic Fantasy fans. Drop by and take a look here.

And don’t forget The Bear Necessities. This is the version I listened to in the 70s, and it’s a real trip. I actually like it better than the movie version. You have to imagine that Baloo the Bear is touring in Vegas. I’d say that it’s so bad that it’s good, which is kind of true — except that the guy on the Hammond B3 is really kicking butt, and I love the guitar licks. Cheesy fun.


One Comment on “Link Day

  1. That was a pretty funky version of Bear Necessities. I stopped short when it breaks down, a crowd cheers raggedly, and some dionysian party-animal bellows, “Go bear, go!”
    Whoa. What is he encouraging this bear to do? Chug a barrel of honey? Flip a police car?
    Disney was different back then.


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