Howard in the Heat

I ended up getting a reminder yesterday that I’m not as young as I used to be. Really there are regular reminders, but getting a mild case of heat stroke after working in the sun most of the day Thursday was a lesson I didn’t really need. It wasn’t really that hot, but by three o’clock my body was done, and by five o’clock, still feeling flushed, I wasn’t good for much else other than lying on the couch cooling off and drinking plenty of fluids. Whoops! Should have paid more attention to what my body was feeling and stopped sooner.

I was out in the pasture fixing horse fence and trimming weeds. Seems like with a large yard that kind of work just never gets done, because after six hours of hard work there are STILL repairs to be made. Today I’ll be back writing, although I’ve got to do a little prep work for my GenCon trip next week. I’ll be moderating a panel and reading from one of my works, so I need to research my topic and rehearse the story I’m going to read a time or two. I have this crazy idea that I’ll be able to report in each day while I’m at GenCon, but I’m usually so busy at conventions that never happens.