Desert of Souls Available NOW! PLUS Convention Info!

It’s actually been available for about a year, but it’s just been released this week in trade paperback with a new cover, and in many more stores than ever before. And, as it’s trade paperback, it’s more affordable than ever! Here’ s another handy link for purchasing and reviews!

This news so excited my old friend Ted that he wrote up what he described as an epic poem, which I’ve excerpted below.

New cover by Scott Grimmando

Sound out the flooble horns!
Wind up your cow!
The Desert of Souls
is available now!

Praised by the critics!
Adventure’s within!
Brimming with magic
and mayhem and djinn!

There’s actually more, but I figured there’s only so much epic poetry a person can read so early in the morning.

If you’ve been curious about all the good reviews, now’s your chance to pick it up. Asim wants to keep telling stories about his adventures for years to come, and it’s expensive to feed him. He’s a big guy.

If you liked The Desert of Souls, I hope you’ll climb to the top of Mount Crumpet (or Mount Doom, or any handy mountain) with your flooble horn and tell at least three friends (or four friends, or more!) that the book is a good one and carried in stores.

Every sale helps, especially those in physical bookstores. That’s a weird fact, but true — selling from a bookstore proves that your book is worthy of being on the shelf, which means more of your work will be stocked, making it easier to find, and therefore more likely to sell.

In other news, I’ll soon be flying up to sunny Detroit, MI for Epic ConFusion, January 20-22. I hope to be hanging out with my old friend Chris Hocking, and my newer friend — and fellow Arabian fantasist (whose first book debuts in just a few more weeks — pre-order!) Saladin Ahmed. I’ll have a pretty busy schedule Saturday; otherwise I’m apt to be wandering around the dealer room, attending panels, or talking to other writer-types in the bar. I hope I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one with the cherry Coke (stirred, not shaken) and the flooble horn.

Howard’s con schedule:

7pm, Friday Salon F     Fantasy and Horror      Steve Buchheit    Peter V. Brett    Ferrett Steinmetz   Violette Malan    Howard Andrew Jones

10am, Saturday    Athens      Reading     Jay Lake    Howard Andrew Jones

11am, Saturday    Salon F     The Legacy of Thud and Blunder      Scott Lynch Elizabeth Bear      Howard Andrew Jones     Violette Malan

4pm, Saturday     Salon F     Non-Western Fantasy     Peter V. Brett    Kameron Hurley      Christian Klaver  Howard Andrew Jones     Saladin Ahmed

5pm, Saturday     Salon E     Mass Autograph Session EVERYONE

8pm, Saturday     Salon G     Reviews and Criticism   Howard Andrew Jones     Charles P. Zaglanis    Jason Sanford     Christine Purcell Robin Hobb

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