Catching Up

sleestakBehind the scenes work on the first issue of Tales From the Magician’s Skull continues, and continues to please me. I can hardly wait for the Kickstarter to launch, but there are a few pieces still sliding into place. I’ll keep you posted.

Work continues on the book, and I’ve seen the initial draft of the cover, and boy am I mightily pleased. It’s so good I will one day change my site header.

Bill Ward and I are finally starting work on our Corum re-read, so if any of you regular visitors want to get in on the read with us, I hope you’ve found your copies of Michael Moorcock’s first Corum trilogy. As busy as things are here I’m still not sure when we’ll start that read through, but it will be soon.

Also, watch out for sleestaks. Lately they’ve been sighted on the edge of my property. Sometimes they send spam offering to write articles for my site that will link back to theirs, but who wants to be involved with that, right? In the end they’ll just want my pylon crystals, or maybe they want to devour human flesh. I was never entirely clear on that.

And now, I must away. Those words aren’t going to write or edit themselves.

8 Comments on “Catching Up

  1. sleestaks were the epitome of mind-numbing fear – archers sans opposable thumbs.

    • Those faces with the staring eyes WERE kind of creepy for kids. It was the dinosaurs that never worked for me because I couldn’t get past the stop-motion animation. Apparently I didn’t have any trouble with styrofoam rocks or Klingons that looked just the same as Earthers, just with beards and swarthy skin. And sometimes not even the swarthy skin, a la Trouble With Tribbles when the make-up guy forgot what he’d done for Klingon make-up the last time and no one else remembered either.

  2. My current theory is that the Sleestaks just wished those idiot kids would stop going into the pylons and wreaking havoc on the local space-time continuum.

    • You’ve now convinced me — it all makes sense. “Get out of my swamp, you stupid kids!”

    • Nope. Tell you what, I’ll post up a picture of a Gorn in my next post so you can compare. For starters, no horn. Also, opposable thumbs.

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