The Magician’s Skull will Return

The mighty Skull has made an official announcement. Yes, there will be more issues of the sword-and-sorcery magazine!

No, the Skull is not yet open to submissions. The stars are not yet right. Also, I wouldn’t have time to read them. But mostly the stars.

You can read the announcement here!

I haven’t seen any reviews yet of Issue 2, which leads me to think maybe going quarterly would be too frequent. I mean, if people haven’t found time to read the second issue yet in the last few months, how would they find time to have read TWO issues in the last few months?

As the time for the new Kickstarter nears, I hope you’ll help spread the word. I want to reach even more readers this time.

Existing issues can be purchased here. Note that the PDF of 2 is not yet available. Soon, though.

8 Comments on “The Magician’s Skull will Return

  1. Ah, so it’ll be a new kickstarter?
    Awesome, that way i know I’ll be alerted once the stars are right…

  2. I hate to admit it, but i bought both issues and read the Enge stories immediately. I haven’t picked them up after that. But i plan on it. I also feel i’m in the minority here.

    I’m sure i’ll like most of the other stories. its always an issue of finding the time with so much great stuff out there.

  3. Fantastic news! So you are telling me I need to get my own local Chapter of the Skull up and running for an October 31 meeting? Or maybe November 1?

  4. also, count me in for backing two, larger issues a year. I had not gotten through all of issue 1 before issue 2 found its way into my grubby lil’ hands..
    I think having two issues a year AND an active web page with forum and other news and goodies would be plenty of content.

  5. i hope subscriptions will be offered, will add to my other ones, i feel like short fiction has been on the rise the last 2 years or so, loved both of these.

  6. Looking at the first two issues side by side, I simply can’t think of any other genre fiction magazine currently available that looks this good. The art, the layout, the entire presentation shows a level of polish so rare as to be pretty much unique.

    It’s an honor to be involved with a project like this and I can’t help but think it might reach a wider audience. Obviously not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to become a member of the Legion of the Skull, but I think this magazine stands out enough to attract a readership a little beyond our fierce band of gamers, Appendix N aficianados, sword and sorcery fanatics, and scimitar-waving half orcs.
    Any chance of Tales from the Magician’s Skull showing up on Amazon? Seems like that would be a step in the right direction.

  7. I definitely intend to read and review both issues. It’s just a matter of finding time.

    I think for right now maybe two large issues a year would be best. It’ll give us all time to read and digest each issue.

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