Harold Lamb: Appreciation in Ukraine

lambvol1I’m deep in the writing mines all this week, but I emerged into the sunlight to let you in on a cool article I stumbled across featuring the talented Harold Lamb. Seems he’s recently been noticed in a Ukranian magazine article penned by¬†Olek Veremko-Berezhny.

I especially like the image of Lamb drawn for the article.

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    • That’s pretty cool. Small world, as they say. It’s been so long since we talked work, Paul, that I’ve forgotten what you do that might require Ukrainians.

  1. Dear Professor Jones:
    I am an older scholar who read and loved Lamb as a teenager back in the early 1960s, books both on the Crusades and on Central Asia. I have a special interest in Ukrainian history and can read the language fairly well. If you like, I can read that article by Berezhny for you and let you know what it says. Regards, TMP

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