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New Interview

Puny Banner poses beside Hulk's Car.

Puny Banner poses beside Hulk’s Car.

The talented Suzanne Church asked me some insightful questions about writing the other day, and I did my best to provide insightful answers. You can find the interview, along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff (including links to other writing tips) right here.

I finally remembered to set up a new Welcome page, available on my main menu, or by clicking here.

Lastly, I’ll be updating my convention appearances soon. GenCon is just around the corner, and I’ll be on many panels again this year. PLUS I’ll be in Chicago this fall as part of a ¬†reading festival.

Other than that, I’ll be writing, or fixing horse fencing.


Mind Meld!

I was invited to join the Mind Meld this week at SF Signal, and along with some fine folks, I discourse at length about how speculative fiction changed my life. You can find it here.

In other news, I am mightily pleased with the new Dabir and Asim short story I’ve written for the Kaiju Anthology, and, in fact, am now pleased with both of the other writing projects I’m drafting away upon. Absent any more emergency home improvement projects, I should be back on track soon…

SF Signal Podcast

While SF Signal’s Patrick Hester was at Worldcon a few weeks back, he went on a whirlwind series of adventures. Seriously, starting from his long drive from the western United States until his long return, I’m not sure he got in more than a few hours sleep every night.

Along the way he corralled Black Gate’s John O’Neill, World Fantasy Award nominated James Enge, and me, which was a little like herding cats, except that I was so tired I was pretty easy to get moving. James and I talked about our new and upcoming releases (so, plenty of info on Morlock and the writing thereof, as well as Dabir and Asim and the writing thereof). And John O’Neill talked about the past and future of Black Gate, and what lies in store for writers and readers of my favorite magazine.

Patrick kept the interview moving along with thoughtful questions and insightful follow-up, and I think the result is pretty interesting — if you’re into Black Gate, sword-and-sorcery, or historical adventure, that is. I hope you’ll drop by and give it a listen!

The interview can be found by following this link.

More Podcast Interviews

That lack of recent updates has to do with me busily at work revising the second novel of Dabir and Asim. It is now with the publisher, and I’ve started work on the short story collection that will appear in e-form prior to the release of the second book, The Bones of the Old Ones.

I’ve been pretty busy talking to interesting people about both The Desert of Souls and Plague of Shadows. I’ll provide the links below.

Near the end of last week I joined Rone Barton and Ed Healy for some questions about Plague of Shadows, and discussed why Scott Oden and I have never yet been seen in the same place at the same time. The Pathfinder novel line gets discussed at length, and Dave Gross, Robin D. Laws, and James Sutter are all asked about their own work as well.

Podcast Interview

With two books coming out in the space of about 30 days and the first draft of the sequel to The Desert of Souls due into editorial in mid March, I have been running about like a madman. A happy madman, because I’m writing, but I have been a little crazed. Life is finally starting to settle down, and I hope soon to make time to convert this little corner of the internet into inhabited space. First up will be some actual links, and a review page — because I’ve received some glowing reviews — and then some news about Plague of Shadows… but for tonight I’m just going to post a link to an interview I did with Shaun Farrell at Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing. It’s all about The Desert of Souls and Black Gate editing, though Plague of Shadows and Harold Lamb naturally got mentioned as well. I hope that you’ll click on the icon to the left and stop by for a listen.