The Waters of Eternity

Venture into the time of the Arabian Nights with stalwart Captain Asim and the brilliant Dabir as they hunt an unseen killer that craves only the eyes of his victims, and pursue a dark entity haunting the halls of an opulent mansion. Ride with them on a desperate journey to preserve a terrible weapon from Byzantine agents, and seek the waters of eternity to save a dying girl’s life. In six tales brimming with mystery and sword-slinging action Dabir and Asim stride forward into adventure. With nothing to shield them but Asim’s sword arm and Dabir’s wit, the two heroes must unravel sinister puzzles, confront dark wizards, rescue fair maidens, and battle the terrifying monsters of legend.

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  1. I loved all three books in the Chronicles of Sword and Sand! At the end of The Bones of the Old Ones it says, “These were not the end of my adventures with Dabir, of course. I am sorely tempted to speak on about our summons to Baghdad, and the curious sword gifted to me there by Jaffar, and the whole black plot that swept up Sabirah’s husband upon our arrival, but I shall save that for another time, for this tale is done.” Please tell me this means that you are writing another book in this series, or another few!? I know the last one was published four years ago, but I would immediately buy any others you may write in this series!

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