Re-Learning Mistakes

Hulk PuppySo far I think I’m doing a great job with my New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve let one of my habits slip, which is to review my Writing Mistakes every day before I write. And you know the mistake I’ve found myself making over and over on this new one? NOT knowing what my characters want before I start writing the scene. Even if it says what they’re going to do in the outline, I have to be the director and tell those people what they want!

Prep time does not begin and end with the outline, Howard!

On the other hand, I finally have a good openings sentence to the book, so that’s pretty nice. A lot of times I don’t have the opening sentence until much later in my outline.

So, what do I have to do that involves writing this year?

1. Revise For the Killing of Kings.

2. Promote For the Killing of Kings.

3. Finish the revision of Through the Gate in the Sea.

4. Promote Beyond the Pool of Stars.

5. Write first sequel to For the Killing of Kings.

6. Work on secret project with artist pal.

7. (Fingers crossed) write second (and final) sequel to For the Killing of Kings.

8. Write short game project before March.

9. Catch up on some very, very tardy reviews. I think I just need to throw in the towel and stop promising I can write reviews anymore. There’s just not time.

10. Seems like I ought to write some short stories but not really sure how I’m going to fit that in…

11. Attend some conventions during the promotional phases of both books, late in the year. Not sure which ones those are yet, except probably GenCon, it being the closest and one of my favorites.