Plague of Titles

I thought I’d pen a quick note just so everyone knew I was still alive. There’s a lot of activity here at Jones central, and some of it is related to the fact I have a looming deadline.

The final stages of the official The Bones of The Old Ones launch campaign are wrapping up. In just a little while I’ll be promoting The Desert of Soul’s official paperback UK release, but in between now and then I’m working away on my next Paizo Pathfinder book. I’m on the final stages of the first draft of whatever the sequel to Plague of Shadows is going to be called.

The fact that I don’t have a title yet bugs me. Usually the title is one of the first things to reach me. For instance, I knew that The Bones of the Old Ones would be titled that after the first few chapters were written, no matter that the entire text was heavily revised several times. The Desert of Souls had a title almost from the first line. But so far a title for Elyana’s next adventure eludes me. All I know for sure is that it really can’t have anything to do with Plague or Shadows and probably shouldn’t have an “of” construction because A.) I’ve been doing that a lot and B.) Paizo has a lot of “of” titles.

Hopefully something will occur to me as I finish and go back through!

I’ve been revisiting Pressfield’s The War of Art and have a few observations about it I mean to share, but I’ve got to get to some writing.