Pedal to the Paizo

I have lots of cool things on my radar, but my blog is apt to be quiet for a bit. There are only a few weeks left before I’m to turn over my second Paizo Pathfinder novel. The rough (in some spots, very rough — like, still needing sanding and primer paint) draft is through and now I’m tightening things up, heightening some description, improving some character moments, etc. I’m liable to be working night and day until that’s all over, which means I won’t have time to play around online.

I know a lot of authors prefer the rough draft process, but, maybe because of all my years as an editor, it’s the outlining stage and the editing stage I actually like the best. Once everything is on the page and the arcs and motivations are in place I can better see exactly what needs to be done.

The tentative title is now Stalking the Beast. I’ve been brainstorming some cover concepts with Paizo’s James Sutter; the new book will probably have a picture of Elyana Sadrastis wailing away on some kind of beastie, because she’s pretty good at that. No dragon this time, though.

Right. Now to breakfast, then to feed horses, then writing/revising.