Full Tilt Wednesday

hulk computerDrafting this new, eh, draft, is going so well I didn’t want to take too much time out to create a post for the day, but I did want to stop and thank all of you who joined in the Conan re-read. Bill and I enjoyed sharing our thoughts with all of you, and exchanging opinions.

I also want to thank Bill, who’s simply a brilliant writer. His insightful comments were a huge factor in the success of this re-read. But then he’s a brilliant guy and it’s a pleasure to name him my friend. He’s been talking about getting back to fiction writing, and I’ve been trying to encourage him in that route. The rest of you should as well. The problem with being named “Bill Ward” is that there are apparently a whole lot of creative folks with the same name, which makes it hard to launch your writing career. If you perform a search for his work, you’re apt to turn up someone else. He may have to start drafting under a pseudonym.

Technical difficulties prevented me from sharing some interesting photos with you this morning. Any more, it seems it takes at least 15 minutes to get photos transferred from my camera to my computer. There’s just a huge slow down involved, and everything grinds┬áto a halt. Today it took 15 minutes and then it turned out that the photos hadn’t even been recorded somehow (no, there’s no lens cap to forget to remove). Seeing as how work slowed down to a drip during those first 15 minutes I wasn’t about to take 15 more to try it again. Maybe Friday.

It’s a little strange not to have to prep an essay about what I’m reading every Friday, and a little bit freeing as well. I’m reading further afield. Also, I’m experimenting with a refinement of my outline and drafting process that’s currently yielding great results. If it continues to work I’ll post details.

Right — back to drafting.

3 Comments on “Full Tilt Wednesday

  1. Thanks, Howard. I was thinking we should look at some work by another writer of the pulp era, Harold Ward, maybe compare him to REH.

    That way we could have Howard and Ward discussing Ward and Howard. And I bet we could find a Bill Jones to make things really interesting!

  2. Bill, you definitely need to get back in the writing game. Being named after Sabbath’s drummer is kinda cool. Being named “Deuce Richardson” tends to minimize my worries in that direction.

    Wouldn’t “William Ward” work? Almost has a Stan Lee superhero sound, while still looking distinguished.

    Once again, thanks to you guys for the Conan Re-read series. My vote is for Brackett or Lamb on the next round. Or, hey, what about Keith Taylor?

  3. Thanks, Deuce. You know, since a lot of Sabbath sheet music is now available as ebooks, I even have to compete with him in a book search. When I started, I thought my only competition were two dead cartoonists — but a combination of self-publishing and the power of search these days has made it pretty imperative to have a totally unique brand. Live and learn! William Ward is equally as common — there are a lot of us. Thinking maybe I should start writing under my social security number instead.

    Brackett and Lamb sound good to me, I think that’s where we’re leaning.

    And Deuce, you know I’ve quoted you on the cover of three of my mini-collections? — any time you are interested in some free ebooks (they only exist as ebooks at this point) just let me know.

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