Dabir and Asim Contest Winner

I want to  thank Periklis Begzos for his winning contest entry. Some weeks ago I asked for titles to name the Dabir and Asim book series, and many of you responded with excellent suggestions (or, in the case of J.C. Hocking, very bad suggestions. Baghdaddies, for instance).

Peter Wolverton of Thomas Dunne Books and I looked over all the entries, and it was that of Periklis that won out. So he’ll shortly be receiving a free advanced reading copy of the book, as well as a hardback as soon as they become available.

But what did he name the series? Click to see a mock-up. You may note from the cover that reviews and blurbs are starting to trickle in…

Now I must ready for Worldcon, where I’ll be driving tomorrow. Like a lot of authors, I have to revise a little text before I go, and repair some horse fencing. Sometimes it feels a little like the same thing. I’ll try to post now and again while I’m away. Wish me a safe journey! Thanks again to all of those who submitted entries. Even Hocking.