Spring Near the Sea of Monsters

Spring! Click for a larger image.

So, this happened in my front yard yesterday. Some to the east and north may not remember the term, but it is known here in the midwest US as Spring. Feast your eyes upon the blossoms and weep.

It’s been so pleasant the last few days that we’ve slept with the windows open. I have the windows open now as I type this, listening to bird song… as well as the barking of one of my dogs, who just won’t ever shut up. (Three years old now, and she still barks at everything that moves, as though there’s a little yipey dog trapped in that Lab mix body.)

But that’s just the front yard. Look here at the view of the side yard and the blossoms. You might also note the back end of said Lab — trotting off to bark at a leaf, probably — as well as a side view of my other, calmer dog (we think she’s a Husky/German Shepherd mix, but can’t know as she’s a shelter dog). Over that ridge in the distance is the Sea of Monsters, as you may have heard me mention before. For privacy reasons I’ve also left out the great light tower on its shore where I do most of my writing work.

Spring! Click for a larger image.

I’m hard at work on a secret writing project (shh) that I’m really enjoying. Some projects just come together faster than others.

I have a few updates and observations I’d been planning to address last week, before I came down with a nasty cold that left me a little low energy. Working in the sun proved a better cure than rest and medicine, though, and I’m about 95% today.

I’ll probably log back on tomorrow with some other things, but I wanted today’s post to mostly be about Spring. I used to prefer Autumn more than any other season, but these days it’s the reawakening of the Earth. Maybe I’m getting maudlin as I age.